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Great Games - New Table Games - Triple Attack Blackjack

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By Alex Stewart

Bucky's Casino in Prescott, AZ regularly has the latest table games before any other casino in the state has them and Triple Attack Blackjack by Galaxy Gaming is no exception.

 Their card room is in a very good position as this version of Blackjack is currently exclusive to Bucky's casino and will remain that way until Mr. Stratton and his team at the AZ Department of Gaming (see our MVP Spotlight from February of 2011) receive more requests to approve this card game from other tribal gaming agencies for use in the casinos they regulate.

 Table Games Supervisor Mr. Aquil Patel and Table Games Shift Supervisor Mr. Jeff Cagan of Bucky's Casino had a lot to say about this game during a recent conversation with our staff. "If you know how to play Blackjack, you'll be playing this game well in just a few minutes," said Mr. Cagan noting how positive both dealers and players have been about Triple Attack Blackjack since mid-March when the game went live at Bucky's Casino.

 Players have far more control over the game as they decide to make additional bets as their own card and the dealer's up card are revealed. Players can double down at any point during the game, even after splitting. Since a point total of 21 for a player's hand guarantees a win, you can imagine how much excitement is generated at the tables. This game has all the basics of Blackjack and a ton of extras to benefit the player, including side bets with some lucrative payoffs! The Suited Royals Bonus Bet applies to the first 2 player cards. A Triple Match Bonus Bet is made towards the first 2 player cards and the dealer's up card. $

 At Bucky's Casino the Suited Royal Bonus Bet pays:

30 to 1 for suited King & Queen, 12 to 1 for suited Face Cards, and 2 to 1 for suited cards (Overall you'll win something about every four hands)

 At Bucky's Casino the Triple Match Bonus Bet pays:

50 to 1 for a suited Three-of-a-Kind, 8 to 1 for a Three-of-a-Kind, 6 to 1 for a suited pair, 2 to 1 for any pair (Overall you'll win something about three in every thirteen hands)

Many thanks to Loreen Vargo, Aquil Patel, and Jeff Cagan at Bucky's Casino for their help! For more info visit or call 1-800-SLOTS-44.

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